Go Whale watching with us!

Whale Watching Bill McKim's Jersey Shore Whale Watch Tour

 Boat Royal Miss Belmar , docked next to Marina Grill near the big bridge
905 rt 35 Belmar
boarding time is 1pm we leave at 130pm sharp
Sunday Oct 20th
weather as long as the ocean is calm as expected to be we should be ok
we can put the band and the people in side if needed
if anything changes i will let you all know
Beer whales and Guns for hire I am ready for a good time , Bill
phone 732.451.6003 any questions
your name is on the reservation list, no tickets needed
dress in layers plenty of room on the boat bring a bag if you like 


 Boarding is easier if you pay in advance but you can pay at the boat also. 

Buy tickets now We will email you confirmation all you need to get on the boat is your reservation name,  

parking information 

We go to where the whales are! Whale sightings guaranteed. We usually sail from the Belmar Marina and go along the coast towards Sandy Hook, with New York City in the background.  

Choose your trip date from the drop down below.

Any questions? Call us! 732.451.6003

Belmar Marina boat area is near the big bridge. 905 Rt. 35 Belmar

Some info about our Jersey Shore Whale Watch:

  • Bring your own food, beer, wine, water
  • Boats sell soda, water, and snacks
  • Boat holds 100 people and has 2 levels
  • 95% success rate in 2018 and 2019
  • The whale watch is guided by Danielle Brown, a whale expert from Rutgers
  • Boat is air conditioned
  • Biggest and best whale watching boat in the area!

Questions: 732.451.6003
Book here online and meet us at the boat. It's that simple!

  • Boarding time is 30 mins prior to departure
  • Boat is located in the Belmar Marina: 905 Rt. 35 Belmar.
  • Reservations can be emailed, we have list of all of the names

Any questions? Call 732.451.6003 .

  • We don't go in rough seas!
  • Yes, you can change your date!
  • Birthday party and special event trips are fine!
  • You can also charter the whole boat if you wish, give us a date and we will make it happen!


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